A mobile job center is back helping Lower Shore residents secure their next job

DELMARVA – A resource is making its way back across the Lower Eastern Shore.

That resource happens to be on wheels and it’s providing tools for local job seekers. The Lower Shore Workforce Alliance is partnering with other community organizations (Wor-Wic Community College, Arcon Training Center, Salisbury University, and the University of Maryland Eastern Shore) to develop job programs and skills training.

The vehicle makes it easier for you to secure a job. You can walk right up to the American Job Center Mobile unit, apply for positions, and get the career assistance you need.

“We can also help people if they’re interested in training opportunities, we can point them to apprenticeships, on-the-job training opportunities. We can also tell them about skills training,” says Bob Hendricks, Bussiness Services Manager of the organization.

Bob Hendricks with the Lower Shore Workforce Alliance says that the job center is on wheels and has all the resources necessary to come to you.

“We can also help them with their resume, create a resume or modify a resume. Then we can print out for them right on the mobile too because we have a fax unit all ready to go,” Hendricks tells 47ABC.

The mobile job center hosts 7 computers, fully air-conditioned with comfortable seating. Hendricks also tells 47ABC that the hospitality industry has the highest demand. That includes restaurants and hotels. Runners up are healthcare and manufacturing. Frenchie Pernsley recently moved to Delmarva and he says the van is helping him look for his next career.

“I’m trying to get into the job system and get long-term employment, get a certification or degree up under my belt so I can continuously work and not be unemployed,” Pernsley says.

Pernsley also says that this will greatly help the community while working together to provide employment along with the resources.

“Cause they have a lot of good resources for all different kinds of areas in the work field, you can definitely utilize them, I’m just giving it a chance now and right now I like everything they have to offer,” Pernsley adds.

As many Americans are searching for jobs right now, Hendricks says this is the perfect time to start your job search.

“This is a unique time where there are more jobs available than job seekers so this is a golden opportunity for anyone that is searching for a job,” Hendricks adds.

Pernsley tells 47 ABC – that he is glad this opportunity is available because it gives residents a chance to tackle unemployment. The mobile job center also does special events and local community job fairs at libraries and detention centers. Hendricks with the workforce alliance says if you’re interested in using the mobile job center you can find the schedule on their website for¬†dates in time the van will be in your neighborhood.

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