Whitehaven historic school house and church showcased, history highlighted


WHITEHAVEN, Md. – The Heritage Association hosted an open house on Sunday for their historic school-house museum and church dating back hundreds of years.

Whitehaven Heritage association volunteers tell 47 ABC that both buildings have been carefully preserved over the years. Their history dates back to the late 1600s when people began crossing the Wicomico River. The small village of fewer than 50 people is now home to the rich history and volunteers say they’re hopeful the younger generation can learn and cherish the story.

“Surprisingly young people are a little bit intrigued with what their ancestors lived like the desk and the size of them in the relevantly unfinished appearance,” says Bob Sheehan, a volunteer with the association. “The necessities such as outhouses and things that were a part of life, and houses, the mansions that someone had to take care of, those necessities are of interest to a lot of kids.”

Sheehan, who you just heard from also tells us Whitehaven is one of the hidden gems on the Eastern Shore.

If you want to visit the museums, you can visit their website.

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