Protestors in Georgetown Call for end to wetland developments in Lewes, Frankford

GEORGETOWN, Del- Protestors Gathered outside the Sussex County Planning and Zoning office in Georgetown circle today to push back against proposed, new housing developments. More than 50 protestors voiced their opposition to developments both in Lewes and Frankford, saying they would take the place of precious wetlands.

They also say that rural Delaware has important wildlife in its wetlands that could be threatened. One protestor, George Schulz, whose backyard would become part of a new development says he thought the lands would be protected, due to their status as wetlands.

“There is a proposed development in the wetland and woods that are right behind our house for 88 homes, and when we bought the land were told it would never be developed on because they were wetlands and DNREC labeled them that then we come to find out they are looking to build right on it,” he said.

He tells us the area is host to wildlife including birds and foxes and is crucial to preventing flooding in the area. He says he is also worried that the increased traffic could bring to the rural area.

“We want to see all new leases and all new constructions stop for 5 years so they can see the impact it’s having on this area,” he said.

The protest was staged between 2 and 4 p.m. before the planned meeting that the Sussex County government offices, where protestors called on them to put a halt to planned development.



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