Non-profit Solar United Neighbors looking to bring more solar power to Eastern Shore

MARYLAND – A non-profit is looking to bring more solar power to Maryland’s Eastern Shore. Solar United Neighbors (SUN) helps communities create co-ops seeking the installation of solar power. “The co-op members choose an installer, and once the installer is chosen we tell them we have about 30 people who go solar, and ask for a good price. It’s the same concept as when you go to Sam’s Club, Costco, or BJ’s wholesale stores,” said Maryland program director for SUN¬†Kimberly Armstrong.

Armstrong says SUN typically looks groups made up of about 20 to 30 households to buy in. “We have an installer list. So, when we get at least 20 people that want to go solar, we’ll send out an request for proposal to our solar installer list, and ask for a bid back,” said Armstrong.

Then, households will make up a selection committee to determine who gets the job. “We give them two weeks to get the bids in, and then once the bids are in, we look at each installer. We have a spreadsheet where we actually put in all the information and criteria,” said Armstrong.

Armstrong says she’s excited to see more renewable energy options potentially coming to the Eastern Shore. “If you can find a way, whether it’s on the Eastern Shore or southern Maryland or northern Maryland, if we can all collectively start to participate in renewable energy in some kind of way, I think it benefits all of us, no matter where you live,” she said.

To find more information about creating a co-op in your neighborhood, click here. SUN will also be hosting public information sessions on April 1st, and May 12th. To register for the April meeting, click here. To participate in the May meeting, click here.

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