Nine-year-old creates business selling homemade soaps


DELAWARE – A nine-year-old girl is doing more than just going to school, she’s also a business owner. Ja’el and her family created Soaps By Ja’el, which are homemade soaps.

Ja’el and her brother tell 47 ABC, they started creating soaps back in 2020 after experiencing ongoing issues with acne and eczema. They realized how many soaps they were using that were too harsh, and wanted to create something with fewer chemicals.  Ja’el now makes and sells her soap.

Her soaps use ingredients like shea butter, buttermilk, goat milk, vitamin E, and most importantly, love, and she says it’s all thanks to her family.

“You take stuff, see what’s in it, research more, you see what else is good for your skin, mix it all together, it’s all good for you,” says Ja’el’s brother. Ja’el adds, “It makes me feel good because mostly my family helps me make this stuff and create the business.”

Ja’el says she also hopes to branch out to create other cosmetic-related products.

To check out her story, and her products, click here.

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