Md. lawmakers urge Gov. Hogan to veto abortion bill

MARYLAND – Senate Bill 890 hasn’t moved in the chamber. However, its cross-filed counterpart in the House, House Bill 937, is now on to Governor Larry Hogan’s desk. The bills would allow nurse practitioners, nurse midwives and physician assistants to perform abortions. $3.5 million of state money would also be directed towards their training annually, under the bill.

Bill Advances With No Amendments

State Senator Mary Beth Carozza tells 47ABC she was disturbed to see each of the nine amendments offered by Republican lawmakers rejected. “I thought they would be accepted as friendly amendments because they just made so much common sense,” she said.

One of those amendments required parental notification for abortions performed on a minor 13 years old or younger, except in cases of suspected abuse. “I hear from parents across my district about wanting to be more involved with their children. So, consent notification is important,” said Sen. Carozza.

Sen. Carozza also introduced an amendment to require an abortion provider to give women information on mental health services after the procedure. “We know that numerous studies have shown that there is linkage with some women between their abortion and mental health complications down the road,” she said. “It may not be immediate. It may be several years later. But, at least we’ve let them know that there are services that they could turn to for help.”

When that was rejected, the Senator altered it to limit the distribution of those resources to women showing clear signs of distress. “I thought that was just simple, good, basic information to share, and that amendment was rejected. I was really surprised,” said Sen. Carozza.

Another amendment offered up, would require abortion providers to provided life-saving care to babies that survive botched procedures. “That was very disturbing. It goes to show how extreme this is, even when you try to put some safeguards for abortion,” said Sen. Carozza.

Urging A Veto

Sen. Carozza and her colleagues continue to stress that their opposition to the bill isn’t founded in whether or not abortions should be provided in Maryland. Instead, Sen. Carozza says the concern centers around the safety of women who do choose abortion. “We have testimony that urges that non-physicians should not be performing abortions. When you have those surgical procedures where you have hemorrhaging and other complications from an abortion, you would want a doctor to perform those abortions,” she said.

Now Sen. Carozza and her colleagues are urging Gov. Hogan to carefully consider a veto. “The more you read the detail of this abortion bill, the more alarming it is,” she said. “I think that there’s every reason that Governor Hogan may look at this, and for multiple reasons, may consider a veto of this legislation. I am encouraging him, along with several of my colleagues, to veto these extreme abortion bills in Maryland.”

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