Maryland Judiciary to return to normal operations April 4th

ANNAPOLIS, Md. – The Maryland Judiciary is set to return to normal operations next week.

Chief Judge Joseph Getty announced on Monday that the COVID-19 Health Emergency throughout the Maryland Judiciary will be lifted, and the five-phased resumption of operations plan will end Monday, April 4th.

Chief Judge Getty issued a total of five new administrative orders, which rescind previous orders of similar titles. Those can be found here. The newly issued orders provide that remote proceedings that were set during the health emergency but are now scheduled to occur beyond the emergency period may proceed. Trial judges who were designated to sit in any state trial court in Maryland during the emergency and who sat are designated to continue to sit in those matters until they are completed.

Additionally, the administrative orders memorialize measures undertaken regarding certain case types, proceedings, deadlines, and resumes complaints for failure to pay rent actions initiated or pending on April 4, 2022, to proceed pursuant to law.

Courts across the state are encouraged to continue using technology for remote proceedings as a robust component of efficient case management in all trial courts, either by video or phone, but this will vary by court location.

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