Local Dorchester County resident running for Maryland House of Delegates seat

MARYLAND- A Dorchester County resident announced he’s running for the Maryland House of Delegates.

Tom Hutchinson is running for the District 37B seat that will be vacated by Delegate Johnny Mautz.

Hutchinson said he’s been very involved in the area. He’s an entrepreneur, business leader, and is a member of the Dorchester Chamber of Commerce. He served over 8 years as a volunteer, board member, and eventually board president of Cambridge Main Street.

But, even with all that he’s a part of Hutchinson said he feels it’s his turn to step up and take a larger leadership role.

“It is to serve, it is to make a difference, it is to protect our rights, and our freedoms and to fight for those that don’t have the ability to fight for themselves; that is really a lot about me and to make a difference in this world,” Hutchinson said.

Hutchinson added if he’s elected he wants to promote economic development, improve public safety, support our first responders, and protect small businesses. He said he also wants to back up our farmers and watermen.

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