Democratic candidate, Doug Gansler gives top priorities for election

MARYLAND – As Maryland’s gubernatorial election approaches, we caught up with Democratic candidate Doug Gansler, who is running for Governor.

Gansler was the state’s attorney for Montgomery County for eight years, a federal prosecutor for six years, and attorney general of Maryland for eight years. If elected,  Gansler says he plans to focus on business and economic recovery, crime, agriculture, and the environment.

Gansler says he wants to work with the farming community as well as watermen, especially here on the Eastern Shore. However, because of his experience as a prosecutor, Gansler says he could best help address the growing crime rate. “I’m the only person running in the race on either side that has a background in criminal justice and making sure yes we need to be more innovative and imaginative in how we police in our state but we also have to recognize that crime is out of control,” says Gansler. He adds, “We’re in a time of crisis and I’m the only person in the race that’s actually led during times of crisis.”

Gansler also tells us he believes in the power of government and its ability to help people. He says he also hopes to get the agricultural and environmental community to work together to address climate change.

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