Tips to keep babies healthy and safe from COVID

DELMARVA – A health professional in the pediatric unit at TidalHealth is giving much-needed advice when it comes to protecting babies from COVID.

Lori Morgan, a Clinical Manager Special Care Nursery & Pediatric Unit at TidalHealth says the pandemic showed just how important it is to keep babies healthy. Since babies can’t wear masks or actively protect themselves, it’s on others to protect themselves around babies.

Morgan says washing your hands is key, and warns as babies are still developing their immune system, it’s important to keep in mind who they interact with for their health and safety. “If there’s anybody with cold symptoms, don’t let them visit, and this goes for COVID this goes for RSV, other respiratory viruses,” says Morgan. She adds, “Hand hygiene and just being aware and being an advocate for your baby.”

Morgan also tells 47 ABC, a good resource for parents when it comes to the health of their baby is the American Academy of Pediatrics.

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