Mental health experts push benefits of ‘self-care’ on Valentine’s Day


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DELMARVA – “I think it’s just about love, even if you don’t have a significant other. Even having family. You don’t have to go anywhere fancy just as long as you’re spending time with people you love,” Community Member Chloe Peterson said.

Flowers, cards, and candy. Every February 14th, Americans take the day to celebrate and appreciate their loved ones all in the name of St. Valentine. “All day we just kind of spent the day together and had quality time. I feel like it’s nice to slow down and actually spend a day where that’s what it’s devoted to,” Peterson said.

“My mom would get up and make breakfast for us early and then get a bunch of candy and have chocolates for us. So that always made me appreciate my mom,” Community member Noah Peterson said.

That joy and happiness felt on Valentine’s Day may not be the case for everyone, as for some it brings on a different feeling. “Valentine’s can suddenly heighten that loneliness, the fact that you lost a relationship or lost a loved one,” The Personal Wellness Center Clinical Director Veronica Correa said.

If you’re experiencing that sadness, mental health experts say the first step to healing is to acknowledge exactly what you’re feeling. “So acknowledging our feelings and emotions, naming them, being kind to those feelings and emotions, and being sensitive to what you need,” said Correa. “Especially if you’re healing from grief and struggling with losses, its better to find people who are going to uplift your mood.”

Mental health experts tell 47ABC things like practicing self-care, positive self-talk, and surrounding yourself with friends and family are key to getting through the holiday without a romantic partner.

Yet, the true remedy to a broken heart is just being kind to yourself. “Beyond this Valentine’s Day, there’s going to be other days that feel unhappy, sad, and scary. It will come and go,” Correa said.

“Just working on myself cause I don’t have anyone else. I like to do things I enjoy like hobbies that help improve myself cause it’s good to just keep it going,” Peterson said.

The Personal Wellness Center in Salisbury helps those experiencing hurt and trauma find a path to healing.

FoxBusiness reports that candy, cards, and flowers were the most popular gifts this year.

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