Local chamber of commerce comments on recommendations to strengthen labor unions in U.S.

DELMARVA- A new set of recommendations from the Biden administration could make it easier for federal workers and contractors to unionize.

The report submitted by a White House task force includes 70 policy proposals.

The head of the Salisbury Chamber of Commerce said many of those proposals focus on the federal government as an employer.

He said the drop in union membership has been happening for decades and isn’t sure if any of these proposals will change that trajectory.

“The unions need to reshape themselves to survive and I’m not sure the Biden task force recommendations are the way to go about that,” Bill Chambers, President and CEO, of SBY Chamber of Commerce, said. “The workforce has changed and maybe COVID was the kick that we all needed, but things are different now, employees are calling the shots, this isn’t the way it was in the 1940’s.”

Chambers also said only 10 percent of U.S. workers are union members and that’s down from 20 percent back in 1983.

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