“It gave me a lot of emotional trauma:” SU students react to racial slurs, inappropriate pictures during Zoom call

SALISBURY, Md.- Students are speaking out about a Black History celebration that made a turn for the worse last Friday.

There was a virtual event held to honor Black History Month, but we’re told about 40 minutes into it someone started using inappropriate language and racial slurs, like the “N” word and telling those on the Zoom call to go back to where they came from. Pictures were also posted during the zoom of sexually explicit nature.

All of this, left some students angry and hurt, especially because they feel these incidents continue to happen and when they make their voices heard their solutions are being pushed aside.

“It gave me a lot of emotional trauma and not just me, but the Black panelists on the panel to say that about us, to talk to us like that in a discriminatory way and make us feel less than human,” Joshua Weeks, an SU Freshman who hosted the meeting, said.

“The question turns into do we have a home here at Salisbury University?” Dorien Rogers, an SU Senior and President of the NAACP SU Chapter, said. “And, I’m really struggling to say if we do and that’s not even just on my behalf it seems like its a common thing amongst students of color on this campus.”

Rogers said the SU NAACP reached out to the administration after the incident and met with them to ensure an investigation would happen.

Both Weeks and Rogers want the person who interrupted the Zoom to be held accountable.

Salisbury University says there is an open investigation into the incident and they do not tolerate acts of hate.

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