Funding headed for rural areas for economic development

SALISBURY, Md. – Governor Larry Hogan visited Salisbury University today to announce plans to build economic development here on the Eastern Shore.

Governor Hogan announced, they would be investing $50 million into rural Maryland to develop the economy. He says 10 million will go to the tri-county councils, for the five districts, and be made possible through the Rural Maryland Economic Development Fund.

The funds are to rebuild the economy and provide more opportunities for those on the Eastern Shore to get access to jobs, connect more Marylanders, and in turn, transform the community. “This will fund critical local economic development projects, eligible use of the funds includes developing infrastructures such as utilities, transportation, and broadband to support the attraction, retention, and expansion of businesses,” says Gov. Hogan.

Gov. Hogan also says he hopes this funding will promote entrepreneurship throughout the state, and hopefully change the mission of government to be pro-job.

Friday’s announcement marks the latest economic recovery initiative launched by the Hogan administration.

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