BHM: Shirley Chisholm and the fight against food hunger


DELMARVA – Throughout the pandemic, it has been hard for some people to keep food on their tables.

During times like this where money is tight, inflations on the rise, and food is more expensive than usual, some people are relying on the food bank to put food on their tables.

“We’re all about empowerment at the food bank so we want to give people the information and tools that they need to make food decisions that will enable them to live a healthy lifestyle,” says Kim Turner, Communications Director of the Food Bank of Delaware.

Kim Turner with the Food Bank of Delaware says they have been able to provide for families in need; however, these resources wouldn’t be available without the efforts of Shirley Chisholm. Programs like WIC, that is Women Infants and Children – wouldn’t exist today.

“And that offers healthy food for children, newborns to 5 years old and also pregnant women and also provides an opportunity to these groups for nutrition education and other resources,” Kim adds.

Turner says as the pandemic winds down this has still been the highest need for food they’ve ever seen. Numbers are elevated but not like the numbers they’ve seen in March and April 2020. She also says they are grateful for Shirley Chisholm’s contributions to all Americans because her legacy lives on today.

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