BHM: Learning Black history by walking through Salisbury

DELMARVA – The Walking Tour in Salisbury has allowed a local student to highlight Black History in the area.

Following Deana Harley’s Brightside, we spoke to the of the tour Allison Stancil. She is a history graduate student at Salisbury University. The tour takes you through areas in Wicomico County, where you can listen to the tour and process the history of the area. Stancil tells 47ABC, why this project was more than just a work assignment.

“I really wanted to do this project because of its potential impact. Still, though I have to think that I am a white woman and I have white privilege and I have to think of how to use that,” Stancil says.

She says she grew up 40 minutes away from Salisbury, but she was able to learn more about the community. For example the Houston Cemetary and the Charles H. Chipman Center. She says as an ally, it’s important to use any sort of power you have to help any community that isn’t usually seen or heard. Stancil says even though the project may look small the impact of it is much bigger.

“Because it was something that I thought would have the most impact. I thought it would possibly help others to learn what they might not in their everyday life,” she says.

With the tour, Stancil’s hope is that people can learn something new about their community. To get your steps in you can take the tour yourself via this link.

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