Biden Admin unveil $7.5 Billion Dollar Program to help fund nationwide Electric Vehicle Infrastructure

DELMARVA-  A federal partnership between the Department of Transportation and the Department of Energy is announcing $7.5 billion dollars towards fast charging eve corrdiros across the nations highways as part of the federal infrastructure spending package. Those would be equipped with fast charging EV stations, that can get electric vehicles nearly fully charged  in under 20 minutes.
For states like Delaware who already have smaller state funded programs in place  the new funds would be handled through DelDot, where as the state funded programs were run through DNREC. DelDot officials say the new money will help more locations come online, with faster charing, as Sussex County currently only has 30 stations, most concentrated in the eastern part of the county.

“We’ll be working with DNREC to create our plan to be submitted for consideration to the US Department of Transportation by the August 1st deadline and from there announcement they want to see these monies put out and these charges begin getting installed by the end of this year,” said DelDot Spokesman CR Mcleod.

McLeod tells us thats a fast turn around time, and could help push people towards EVs, as dropping prices for vehciles combine with high fuel cost to push more poeple towards electric options. He tells us having a strong infrastructure for EV’s is key to mainstream adoption, and that range anxiety is often cited as the number one reasons consumers don’t make the switch.

“We know that the charging has to be fast, easy and conveinient for drivers to use,” Mcleod said. He says just how much of the 7.5 Billion makes its way towards the first state will be determined in the August first planning proposal.




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