Volunteers help rebuild home for Dorchester County man

TODDVILLE, Md. – After a series of unfortunate events, one man’s home is now a place of ruins, but community members are stepping up to change that.

William Short owns one of the many homes in Dorchester County that was severely damaged by flooding back in October. We’re told his home was flooded with almost six inches of water leaving black mold, buckled floors, and ruined furniture, costing him about $40,000 in damage. “With everything that’s happened, we just feel really compelled to help this gentleman out,” says Pastor Danny Guzman, Pastor of Family & Recovery Ministries at Grace Seaford Church.

On top of that, just three years ago, Short lost his wife and while grieving his devastating loss, he found out he had leukemia. “But right after he got the all-clear from leukemia, he developed a rare heart condition at the same time,” says Short. He then struggled to pay medical bills, having to cut back on things like flood insurance. So once the storm came, Short told Guzman, he couldn’t do anything about it. “With no insurance, he’s got no money and he couldn’t afford to do any of the repairs,” says Guzman. He adds, ” He’s like, if I’ve lost my wife, I’ve lost my house, I’ve lost everything that I have, at that point, it really broke my heart.”

That’s when Grace Seaford church and other organizations heard about Short’s story and wanted to lend a helping hand. “We were going to adopt this home and try to give him hope back in his life and give him his house back,” says Guzman. He adds, “I know there are many people with great needs all over the country, all over the world. But if we can’t take care of our backyard then that’s a problem for us.”

Volunteers have been helping to rebuild Shorts’ home since December, giving him a second chance to hold onto the last piece of his beloved wife. “His only wish is that he would be able to live out the rest of his days here at his home,” says Guzman. He adds, “Community is family, we’re all tied, we’re all living in the same areas, we’re all connected, we all need the help of some sort. We just need to show God’s love to other people and this is just a practical way of doing that.”

There is no set date as to when the house will be finished.

However, if you’d like to help out, you can e-mail Pastor Danny Guzman at dguzman@graceseaford.com, or head to their website.

You can also donate by clicking here.

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