USDA Rural Solar Grant Program Aims to provide affordable solar power for customers

DELMARVA- According to the USDA, Americans in rural Maryland and Delaware can expect lower energy costs – thanks to federal grants bringing more solar power to Delmarva.

The agency says 10 million dollars have been set aside to help upgrade consumer solar power. Previous efforts were meant to help businesses and commercial venues but the latest batch of infrastructure funding will go into consumer homes and lower energy bills for those who apply for funding. Previous efforts had been focused on businesses and agriculture producers.

The Director of the Maryland Delaware Division of the USDA  David Baker says this funding can help get rural communities on the same level as urban communities when it comes to solar power.

This program provides incentives to make the projects like this with renewable energy to make it affordable and that’s very important given the extra expense it can take to set up this thermal or solar system,” he said.

Grants must be opted into to participate, and there is no cap on the number of households the program seeks to reach only a cost cap. The program would also be able to update, back-end infrastructure to help power grids adapt to more sources of electricity and greater volumes of service.

Those looking to sign up can contact the local FDA at 302-857-3581.

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