Unemployment claims at its lowest since 1969

America has reached its lowest unemployment claim since 1969.

This means people are not filing for unemployment. Numbers show 6.2 million people have gone back to work. United States Labor Secretary, Marty Walsh tells 47 ABC there are still job openings in the US, and officials are trying to get people back to work. He says a major part of this is people’s concern with COVID-19 as the numbers continue to rise every day. Also, looking at the benchmarks that the president planned back in January 2021, we are ahead of schedule.

However, training does have to be in place as people go back to work. Walsh says “what we have to do is make sure that we’re ready to help prepare and train people into those jobs that people might’ve left. A lot of people left their job in 2021 for various reasons and we need to make sure we have the tools available working with the department of labor, department of commerce, and transportation to take advantage of some of these jobs that were passed in the infrastructure law.

To ensure that training is in place across the country, The Department of Labor will work with governors and mayors to make sure they each have the resources through job training centers in America. The industries that are booming right now are transportation and manufacturing. In fact, the transportation industry is at pre-pandemic levels. Also, the Department of Labor has a pre-apprenticeship program for truck drivers which has also been helping.

Walsh says areas that they are trying to work on are nursing and the hospitality industry. As of now, 60,000 people are on the waitlist to get into a nursing program. He says we have the people to do the work, we just need to give them the training.

As we come up on the 2 year anniversary of COVID-19, U.S Labor Secretary Marty Wash ensures that we will get through this. He tells 47 ABC “stick together and work together and [he] encourages everyone to get vaccinated.”

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