Police alerting citizens to be mindful of new tracking device, ‘Apple Air Tags’

POCOMOKE CITY, Md. – Pocomoke City Police are warning community members about a device that could track people without their permission.

It all started with a worried parent going to the police department after their child received an alert that their phone was being tracked. Police say there was even a map showing where the person’s car had been.  After police investigated, they couldn’t find a tracker on the car but what they did find out, was it could be the new ‘Apple Air Tag; A tracking device almost as small as a quarter.

The ‘Apple Air Tag’ is a new location-tracking device that can be placed on virtually anything. Sgt. Andrea Lewis, a patrol officer with the Pocomoke City PD tells us this device can be put on a child’s backpack to make sure they’re safe walking to and from school, you can track your pets if they get loose, or even put it on your keys.

However, law enforcement has some major concerns where they’ve seen reports of these trackers being placed on cars, so people can track someone’s every move.
It’s a new advancement in personal tech that police say could pose a serious problem. “They’re great products but with every good thing, bad people can use them in bad ways. That’s why it’s good to just be aware that things like that are out there,” says Sgt. Lewis. She adds, “If you do get messages on your phone that you’re being tracked or there’s a device around you that you don’t know about, you can always come to the police department and let us know about it.”

Sgt. Lewis also says police will check your car and/or belongings if you’re concerned that you’re being tracked. She says with new advanced technology like this, it’s better to be safe than sorry.

We’re also told f you don’t have an iPhone, you can download a tracker-detector that can help detect ‘Apple Air-Tags.’

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