One on one with one of Delaware’s most empowering women, Dr. Leshell Dennis

REHOBOTH, Del. – A Berlin native turned entrepreneur is now empowering hundreds of thousands of women.

Back in 2011, Dr. Leshell Dennis, a woman of color, founded Absolutely Flawless Woman, an organization focused on empowering women by any means necessary. Absolutely Flawless Woman provides financial help, resources, empowerment, and much more.

“We have evolved from a feeding program, from a daycare program to now feeding and mentoring and just being that light to someone,” says Dennis. She adds, “You would be surprised how many women that are depressed, how many women that smile that doesn’t know where their next meal is coming from. So ‘Absolutely Flawless’ saw a problem and we provide a solution.”

Dennis tells us, she knew could and would accomplish big things, ever since she was a little girl.

“Looking back at that, I guess I was born to lead but I never thought it would be at this magnitude.”

Her hard work and dedication to the women in her community have certainly turned some heads and even brought her an honor she never dreamed of Dennis was named one of the top 40 most empowering women in business in Delaware.

“The top 40 women of the year for the state of Delaware blew me away,” says Dennis. She adds, “As I’m growing and evolving and becoming I see the platform and its worldwide.”

Dennis tells 47 ABC, it took the passing of her mother to realize that helping women is her passion. She says the odds were against her, but now her work is making changes for the better in others’ lives, and that’s more than she could have ever hoped for.

“No matter where you come from, no matter where you start, you can be successful, you can be all that you put your mind to be and you can be at,” says Dennis.

Once Dennis opened her “Pamper Me Pink” store last year, she says she saw the impact her success was making, and it’s only pushed her to work harder to serve others. That’s something she says is an example of what Martin Luther King Jr. fought for.

“We went through a lot in our black culture and to see women rise up,” says Dennis. She adds, “We’re trailblazers to the little girls, the Michelle Obamas and myself were influencers and it feels good to know that somebody can look to you and say, I want to do that one day, I want to be that one day.”

Dennis also tells us, she doesn’t do what she does for recognition, she just wants everyone, especially women to feel empowered to follow their dreams.

“Dare to dream put detail to your dream and then be bold enough to walk in yours.”

Dennis also says, her organization is working to open a 24-hour daycare in Delaware by this summer.

If you want to learn more about Absolutely Flawless Women, click here.

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