Ocean City Sunfest event gets moved to October

OCEAN CITY– The annual Sunfest event will have a new date.

Instead of having this outdoor entertainment event in September, you’ll see it at the end of October.

Mayor Rick Meehan said the town is expanding their calendar events for those two months.

They plan on adding a big concert weekend, so they need to change dates of other events.

Mayor Meehan added October is a very popular month in Ocean City and this change will give people more time to enjoy the resort town.

“What’s changed is the town, hotels weren’t open years ago are now open through October, we have new hotels with modern amenities, who have really helped to increase the season and the number of people that come during that time of year we want to take advantage of that, we want to take advantage of the entire fall season,” Mayor Rick Meehan said.

Mayor Meehan said they are still making changes for the event and there’s more details to come.

Location of the event will still be the inlet parking lot.

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