Fenix Youth Project’s new workshops teach youth essential life skills

SALISBURY, Md. – The Fenix Youth Project is expanding its mission with a new set of workshops aimed at teaching young people valuable life skills.

We’re told, The “Adulting At The Dinner Table” workshop was inspired by young adults interested in learning how to prepare easy, healthy meals and how to manage money.

The non-profit is partnering with the City of Salisbury and the Newton Street Community Center who will provide the kitchen space.

Each session will be six weeks with the first set focused on financial literacy.

The goal is to help build a stronger community while preparing youth for the realities of adulthood. “Adulting by yourself is hard, so we kind of want to create a community around that so young people can learn these life skills with their peers,” Fenix Youth Project’s Executive Director Amber Green said.  “Learning how to balance a check book, learning how to save, learning how to budget your money. That’s really important and went want to blend meals or cooking with teaching life skills.”

Green adds they’re also accepting donations to cover the cost of food for the weekly dinners.

Registration is limited to 15 slots, so if you’re interested and would like to sign up call (443)-736-8028 or click here 

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