CDC urges immune compromised to get “fourth dose” of COVID-19 vaccine

FRUITLAND, Md. – The CDC is urging pharmacies to stop turning away immune-compromised people seeking a fourth dose of the COVID-19 vaccines. Fourth doses are not currently recommended for most Americans. But, the CDC says those with compromised immune systems should consider getting one.

Co-owner and pharmacist at Apple Discount Drugs Joanne Scherr says they’ve already had some folks asking about fourth doses. But, there’s a lot of confusion over what a fourth dose actually is. Those who are moderately to severely immune compromised can get a third dose of the vaccine 28 days after the second dose, and their booster shot five months later. Scherr says the booster shot is numerically the “fourth dose”.

But, the extra dose for the immune compromised is the one in question. “You have to sign a document stating that you have one of the conditions that supports that diagnosis,” said Scherr. “Not everyone is eligible for that per se. Everyone at least 12 and over is eligible for a booster, but not necessarily a third primary series dose.”

Scherr says the handful of people asking for a fourth dose isn’t impacting their vaccine supply on hand. She adds that Apple Discount Drugs is continuing to stay ready to provide care to the community amid COVID-19. “We stay as up-to-date as possible with the changing regulations and updates. For us being an independent pharmacy, it’s a little easier to turn on a dime or move forward than some larger corporations,” she said.

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