Bridgeville teen encouraging community to give back to veterans

BRIDGEVILLE, Del.- A teen is using art to put a smile on Veterans’ faces for Valentine’s Day.

Shelby Farris started making pre-printed cards in 2016 for her “HeartArt Campaign.” On the cards, you’ll find designs and you can color on them and write positive messages. As of Monday, she is starting her annual collection of Valentine’s Cards for Veterans.

Shelby said she keeps the tradition going because she sees the impact it makes while also paying tribute to her grandfather who was in the Vietnam war.

“He was injured in battle, he was confined to a wheelchair for most of his life and there are so many veterans out there in our state alone who suffer or have similar issues that he has that done necessary get a whole lot of attention or don’t get to see their family as often because of their disabilities,” Farris said. “So, I find it really important that whenever we can we reach out to them and we make them feel loved and appreciated.”

Farris said last year they collected 5,000 and they hope to double that this year.

So if you’d like to join in on the effort, you reach out to Shelby on her website,

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