Be mindful of space heaters so they don’t catch fire


OCEAN CITY, Md — As the temperatures drop and we pull out our heating devices to stay warm, Fire officials urge residents to have the proper safety measures in place to stay safe.

Officials want to remind you of the importance of keeping flammable items away from your space heater. We spoke with fire official Ryan Whittington to learn more. He says “anything that can burn should be at least 3 feet away, so for example this space heater here, this close to this bed could actually catch this comforter on fire, so you want to make sure you actually have a safe distance between your bedding and anything else that’s in the room that can burn.

Whittington also reminds us that using your oven as a heater is a big no. He says it can be dangerous and kids can run into it as well as pets. Also, heating home fires are one of the leading fires that officials see. Remember to check your smoke alarms and establish a meeting place with your family.

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