Ashley HomeStore and Adopt-A-Block help local families get a good nights sleep

SALISBURY, Md. – Saturday morning local kids were given the gift of dreams. Ashley HomeStores of Delaware’s Hope to Dream Program teamed up with Emmanuel Church’s Adopt-a-block program to give dozens of children new beds and mattresses.  “Right here in Salisbury, people are still sleeping on the floors and some of our young people are sleeping like that,” says Adopt-A-Block Director, Mark Thompson.

We’re told organizers with Adopt-A-Block reached out to local schools in the area to find the families who are truly struggling after hearing about the ‘Hope to Dream‘ program. Justin Barnes, Vice President of Operations with AshleyHomes Store and Furniture Lands says there were no second thoughts when it came to partnering with Adopt-A-Block. “We want someone that is active in the community, not somebody that just talks about it but somebody who’s out here really getting it done and adopt-a-block really met that criteria for us,” says Barnes. Thompson adds, “My saying is, I am my brother’s keeper and it takes a whole village to raise families and we need to get back to that village where were all loving’ on people.”

Once the families in need were found, we’re told Adopt-A-Block celebrated and honored the families and let the kids see what they’d be taking home. “It’s definitely hard to dream if you can’t sleep and I think the dreams of children in their heart, I think that’s so vital so they can see a hopeful future,” says Barnes. He adds, “So they can help to cultivate the gifts and contributions that they have for our community and I think that starts with a great night’s sleep.”

We spoke with some of the children who received the beds, and they tell 47 ABC just how appreciative they are. Two young girls, Madison and Ava comment on how nice and comfortable the beds are and how excited they are to take them home. Some families even go as far as to say how it’s a dream to finally give their children a necessity, and peace of mind. Madison tells us, “I feel thankful for the new bed,” and when asked if she would sleep with her new stuffed animal that came with it, she excitedly said “Yes!”

This is only a small part of a larger mission to help families in need have a brighter and more comfy future. “I just hope that we can be a beacon of hope. In the same way that these kids now have the comfort and peace that comes with a good night’s sleep that there are organizations out there who want to be a part of life change,” says Barnes. Thompson adds, “We all have different resources so let’s pull together to make sure that we support all of our families because we all are just one big family.”

Adopt-A-Block also gave the families a card which they can scan for the Maryland food bank, and every Friday the children can take home food to eat on their days they’re not in school.

Thompson also tells us, they’re always looking for more partnerships to continue helping more families in the area.

For more information on Adopt-A-Block, click here.

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