AGH continues the fight against COVID-19, urges citizens to do their part to stop the spread

WORCESTER CO., Md. — Atlantic General Hospital continues the overwhelming fight against COVID-19.

Studies show the total number of COVID hospitalizations is starting to decline, with a slight decline in COVID diagnosis. However, AGH is still busy with 53 patients hospitalized, a third of them with COVID-19. We spoke with Dr. Dowling, the Co Interim President and CEO at Atlantic General Hospital and she tells us, younger unvaccinated people in their 30s and 40s are experiencing severe cases and using ventilators. Pediatric numbers are also still high in the area.

Studies show that the peak for omicron may not happen soon, however, Dr. Dowling tells us this may change with recent numbers on the decline.

“For the next couple weeks at least for the east coast New York seems to be the hardest hit the quickest and they seem to be coming downside of their peak…we’re hoping over the next couple weeks that we’re going to start seeing the decline both in the number of cases we have and more importantly those who are sick enough to require hospitalization, she tells 47ABC.

Dr. Dowling says for testing sites the Ocean City location is open 7 days a week. Also, AGH has more sites available because testing and vaccination resources are no longer in short supply. To schedule your appointment visit

Dr. Dowling says it’s best to get vaccinated and wear your PPE. This time last year PPE was not as easily obtainable however resources have been made available across the nation to help out.

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