Youth Rally held in Cambridge to rally against violence

CAMBRIDGE, Md. – Community members gathered together in Cambridge today to call for an end to the gun violence plaguing the community.

The “Taking Our Youth Back rally was held from 1-3 pm at the intersection of Greenwood and Cosby Ave. It was led by organizer and Dorchester Public School teacher April Pender.

She tells us her community is worth saving and that she is calling on all of Dorchester county to keep holding the community accountable. Pender says taking action early is important to prevent kids from getting involved in the violence.

“Don’t wait until there’s a body laying there and you want to come out and see who it is and go and ask why; the why is today and the when is right now, when are we going to stop it and the why is why are you not doing enough about it if this is your community,” she said.

Pender says she wants kids to understand that they are valuable and have worth, and that help is available. She says she wants to see rallies like hers every day to hammer that message home.

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