TidalHealth: No Tainted Remdisivir Doses Shipped to Hospital, Vaccines Unaffected

SALISBURY, Md – TidalHealth wants the public to know, that their doses of anti-viral COVID-19 treatment Remdisivir are safe.

The announcement comes after a recall of certain doses of the anti-viral COVID-19 treatment after glass particles were found in vials. TidalHealth says they checked the pin numbers against their suppliers and found that no tainted doses, made their way into the TidalHealth system.

They also say in the days since the recall, they received many worried calls from community members who believed the recall affected current vaccine doses.

“It is not in the vaccine, it was an issue with Remdisivir, which is an antiviral treatment only available for in-patient treatment for those inside the hospital with a severe COVID case,” Trumble said.

They say they want the community to know that vaccines were unaffected and that Remdisivir manufacturer Gilead is stepping QA testing to prevent any future deficiencies.

“This is a case of the medical reporting system working, and I would expect to see an even bigger step up from [Gilead] to prevent any Government audition if another error happened,” Trumble said.

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