SU students gather for Freedom Friday Rally to discuss inequities, progress

SALISBURY, Md.- With Salisbury University’s Fall semester coming to an end, the SU NAACP Chapter wants to send a message to their President.

“We want to make it clear to the Wight Administration that we aren’t going anywhere and the fight that we are taking for our community is for generations to come,” Dorien Rogers, SU NAACP President, said.

This organization has been pushing to educate, inform, and empower the campus community on the need for more equity and inclusion. They held an event called Freedom Friday to voice those concerns.

“We’ve had an increase in discrimination when it comes to defamatory remarks when it comes to vandalism when it comes to things that clearly state that hate has a home here and so if we truly do not stand for those things it needs to be circulating throughout our institution,” Rogers said.

“We are proud of our students for them showing up and making their voices heard on days likes Freedom Friday,” Eli Modlin, Chief of Staff to the SU President, said.

The SU NAACP met with President Charles Wight to discuss changes they’d like to see.

These include a Director of Multicultural Student Services, an official parking pass for people with disabilities, and greater clarity when it comes to acts of discrimination within the code of community standards, and they said there’s some progress has been made.

“I’m happy to say that we have a search that will be announced for two positions for Assistant Director’s in our office of diversity and inclusion and they will really go to serve the students,” Modlin said.

“We are working with the code of community standards office the conduct office to be precise we got two sections actually added to the purpose side,” Rogers said.

But, even with things moving in the right direction NAACP President, Rogers, said communication, action, and collaboration can’t stop here.

“The longevity is where it really falls off, you know when people stop talking about it, you stop hearing about it,” Rogers said.

The Chief of Staff to the Salisbury University President agrees.

“We’re not finished and we are never going to be finished and we’re going to keep working at this,” Modlin said.

Another win is an official parking pass for people with disabilities is being made.

The Chief of Staff also said they are continuing to find a different way to communicate with students as they’ve seen old ways not work well.

NAACP President Dorien Rogers also said there is a draft of an evolved Director of Multicultural Affairs position.

But, there’s still unanswered questions pertaining to the duties, and they are requesting a job description of this position no later than January 31st.

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