Salisbury getting ready to ring in the New Year

SALISBURY, Md. – New Year’s Eve is fast approaching and places are still opening their doors to customers, but things might look a little different than in past years.

Reservations are coming in at Salisbury’s Market Street Inn, as owner, Rob Mulford, and his staff prepare for New Year’s Eve celebrations.

“We’ve of course had the spacing last year, you had the mandate then we added tables back in, then we added all the tables back in in the Fall, now we are starting to remove the tables again so at least when people do come in there will be a little bit more spacing,” Mulford said.

Due to the pandemic, some New Year’s traditions couldn’t happen last year and the Coronavirus’s Omicron variant is complicating things in 2021, but Mulford wants to make sure people who still want to celebrate locally have a fun time while staying safe,” Mulford said.

“We are going to try to do as much traditional New Years as we can we do have a DJ scheduled for in the pub area, we do have basically three seatings for dinner trying to keep people spaced out,” Mulford said.

The City of Salisbury is thinking the same and they’re even bringing back their New Year’s Eve downtown Ball drop.

“We did not have an event last year, so we did have a one year hiatus in 2020, but we are back this year,” Jamie Heater, Executive Director with the Salisbury Arts & Entertainment District, said.

“In addition to live music and a ball drop at midnight,  we will have confetti cannons and beer and wine available for sale outside, as well as some fun giveaways like noise makers,” Heater said.

And, while the outside event won’t have pandemic restrictions, the City is still coordinating with local health officials.

“But, we are kind of keeping an eye on things and working with the health department to make sure that things go smoothly,” Heater said.

While there’s still some uncertainty on how New Year’s Eve will go, that’s not stopping Mulford from staying positive.

“It’s not business as usual or life as usual, it’s wake up and you deal with the hand you got that day and make the best of it,” Mulford said.

Mulford also said Market Street Inn is about 65% full for reservations.

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