DNREC seeking contractors for solar panel pilot program

DELAWARE – The Delaware Department of Natural Resources and Environmental Control (DNREC) is trying to get more Delawareans hooked up to solar power.

“Really, because this is a pilot program, we’re testing the best delivery methods for how we’re going to achieve that goal,” said Planner for the Division of Climate and Coastal Energy Jessica Quinn.

Through their new pilot program, eventually, low and moderate-income households can get solar power installed.

“National studies have shown over and over again that low and moderate-income households, which make up a large segment of the U.S. population, just have not had access to both the economic and environmental benefits of renewable energy,” said Quinn. “Our pilot program is intended to address that, and also identify the best ways to help the low and moderate-income households make that switch to solar power.”

Quinn adds getting more Delawareans solar power capabilities will help reduce energy costs and improve environmental health.

“Solar power does reduce air pollution. That has an effect positively on both environmental and human health,” she said. “Solar power also reduces greenhouse gas emissions, which contribute to climate change. Ideally, solar power should always be combined with energy efficiency improvements in buildings.”

Delawareans who participate in the program will also be eligible for a weatherization assistance program. For now, DNREC is looking for contractor applications to help with the actual build-out of the solar panels. The two-year pilot program expects to serve at least 50 clients per year. After the two years, DNREC will review the program, and see how they can move forward with it.

“We’ll study what went well, what might be needing some improvement, and with an eye toward launching a more comprehensive program in the longer term,” said Quinn.

Contractors interested in applying can find more information on that process by clicking here.

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