Teens on trial get show of support from Caucus of African-American Leaders

OCEAN CITY, Md. – Monday, activists and allies took a freedom bus ride to the Worcester County District Court.

The goal was to stand in solidarity with a group of young men part of a police-involved altercation on the boardwalk this summer.

“They thought is it was an excessive use of force. So, people wanted to come and express solidarity for these young people. We showed up, and had a great turnout of people,” said Caucus of African-American Leaders (CAAL) Convener Carl Snowden.

Snowden says the actions of the police officers were unacceptable, and are now rallying around the young men.

“Change is on its way, and it’s a systemic change. We think, more importantly, what people will find out is that people on Maryland’s Eastern Shore will never sit back quietly when their civil rights are in any way compromised,” said Snowden.

Snowden says CAAL has also filed a FOIA request on the FBI investigation into the boardwalk incident that Mayor Rick Meehan says was already carried out. The teens’ cases have been pushed back to January 2022. Snowden says the group of activists will return to the court with the freedom bus ride once that day comes.

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