Suspect behind bars after Cambridge shooting leaves one dead, court documents explain what happened

CAMBRIDGE, Md. – On Sunday, Cambridge Police witnessed tragedy after the shooting and killing of 18-year-old Jihad Brown.

Although the suspect is behind bars, we’re told the investigation is far from over.

“The case never stops being investigated, we still have a ways to go to figure out the exact cause or reasoning for it,” says PIO for Cambridge Police, Captain Justin Todd.

With a suspect behind bars, thanks to surveillance and bodycam footage, Cambridge police were able to identify the person behind the gun, Jai’Choaun D. Woolford. According to court documents, Brown was seen leaving the 500 block of Greenwood Avenue with another person identified as Zakariya Baker. When Brown exited, Woolford pulled out a handgun and pointed it towards Brown and Baker. The first shot, caught on camera, where Brown hit the ground and Baker ran off. However, it didn’t stop there, Woolford then shot Brown multiple times.

“We do believe it was targeted to that subject. Everything that we’ve got that we were able to obtain through surveillance video in the area nearby,” says Capt. Todd.

Another person identified as Kanaya Bailey, came in to help but Woolford demanded Bailey to leave. Woolford then ran off as police arrived, chasing after him.
After a short chase, Woolford is handcuffed and in custody.

During an interview, he argues he wasn’t the one behind the gun, but surveillance footage tells another story. Footage revealing it was Woolford, and police also say they found a handgun found in Wooldford’s footpath.

“Our body cameras from our officers that actually were right on the scene right after it happened, which allowed us to get the suspect and also tend to the victim the best we could once the suspect was placed under arrest,” says Capt. Todd.

A Cambridge resident who wants to remain anonymous says he’s tired of losing people to violence and something has to change.

“Send pieces and blessings upon his family, because they lost a young man, he was only 18, lost him to violence.” The resident adds, “We have to be very watchful and mindful of our children and all that cause you could lose your life.”

Capt. Todd tells 47 ABC, he wants to make sure these violent offenders who are committing crimes and taking lives, are caught and off the streets.

“There are also other people who live in the neighborhood that these shootings are occurring that can be innocent bystanders, making for a dangerous situation.” Capt. Todd adds, “The last thing that I or the chief or anybody wants to see is somebody has to be in fear of where they live in the city limits of Cambridge.”

During the investigation, Brown, unfortunately, succumbed to his injuries from being shot by Woolford and was pronounced deceased at the hospital. There was a second victim who was shot in the arm who arrived at the emergency room shortly after the shooting but he was later treated and released.

Woolford was arrested and charged with 1st and 2nd-degree murder along with other related charges. He is currently being held in the Dorchester County Detention Center without bond.

Police say no further action is being taken, but any other information about a motive is helpful. Police ask anyone with extra information about the case to call 410-228-3784, and you can remain anonymous.

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