Sanchez Butchershop in Salisbury braces for holiday rush, amid supply shortage

SALISBURY, Md. – The supply chain for food is being stressed, as holiday shoppers prepare for large-scale gatherings for Thanksgiving and Christmas.

Sanchez Butcher Shop in Salisbury tells us they have had to pay a premium to keep their inventory well-stocked, and fear that when large families come in looking to purchase in bulk, they may not be able to handle it.

“Turkey, wings, beef, steaks, right now its really hard to get it this time of the year, before you used to pay a couple of bucks for a pound and right now it’s almost triple four times the price for the product,” said Owner Uziel Sanchez.

Sanchez tells us that he believes with more people getting vaccinated, more large-scale gatherings are happening this holiday season compared to next year. He tells us increased demand and limited supply make it difficult for his business.

“I placed an order this week for 30 cases, I call back and they don’t have one, it’s a little weird because sometimes it is two to three weeks behind and sometimes it’s not, it all changes,” he said.

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