Salisbury’s police officers could see pay boost with proposed ordinance

SALISBURY, Md. – Police officers in Salisbury could be seeing a pay bump soon if a new ordinance is passed by City Council. Monday evening, council members considered the first reading of the ordinance in an open work session.

Mayor Jake Day says it all stems from an investigation into practices within the Salisbury Police Department. “More than a year and a half ago, I announced a trust rebuilding initiative on the heels of the theft that occurred in the Salisbury Police Department property room,” said Mayor Day. “Although that was one person stealing money that they expected to go into city coffers and be ignored and lost, it had a ripple effect on a community. I believe that it contributed to a lack of trust that exists between many police agencies and their communities.”

If the ordinance is passed, the pay boost could be as much as between 4% to 8.7%. The pay increase would depend on how long an individual officer has been with the department, and what their rank is. Mayor Day says the idea behind this is to attract and retain high quality officers to the city. He says he hopes that will help build more trust between local law enforcement and the public.“We’re trying to do everything we can to make it more desirable to work at a dynamic, busy agency. That, in part, includes improved compensation. This has been a road that we’re been walking down for several years, and for several different reasons,” said Mayor Day.

However, the boost in pay for officers comes with a hefty price tag. Mayor Day estimates the increase to cost the city around $600,000. “This is an investment that we think is critical to make. It’s not easy. It is expensive,” he said.

The mayor says he understands it’s an expensive price to pay, but grants from the state are available to help alleviate that burden. “We do believe it’s critical to ensure that we are able to not only rebuild that trust, but also to keep the streets safe and ensure that we have a saturation of police officers in the right places, at the right times,” said Mayor Day.

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