Rally held to push for police reform and SB 149, catches the attention of Rev. Al Sharpton

DOVER, Del. – On the movement of police reform in Delaware, community activists, leaders, and family members affected by police misconduct gathered outside of Legislative Hall Monday afternoon to rally for police reform, specifically pushing to pass Senate Bill 149.

The bill allows the public access to records of police misconduct, and also creates community review boards with police oversight. However, back in June, the bill was reported out of committee in Senate and no further action has been taken.

The rally addressed the abolishment of Delaware’s law enforcement officer’s bill of rights. Some attendees saying, it’s allegedly one of the worst in the nation for transparency. The rally even caught the attention of political activist,  Reverend Al Sharpton. The reverend said the country needs to stand with the families members affected by police misconduct that has led to family members’ deaths.

In addition to community members, police reform activist and sister of the late Lymond Moses was at the event. Moses, a Delaware man, was fatally shot by police back in January. His sister, Lakeisha Nix telling us, his death and many others at the hands of police, demand accountability.

Delaware legislation returns to session in January where this bill is said to be up for discussion. However, we’re told, even if it passes, this is just the start of much-needed reform in the state of Delaware.

Although Dover police are unable to provide comments on pending legislation, police are a part of the discussion of bills like SB 149 and others.

Activists also say, police are here to serve and protect us, but the ones that aren’t, need to be questioned.

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