Pittsville Election Results: one incumbent holds seat by single vote

PITTSVILLE, Md. – The election results are in for Pittsville’s election for Town Commissioners.

Incumbents Edward Palmer and Frederick Adkins held their seats, while challenger David Carozza won his race, and raked in 80 votes total. Pittsville’s Town Manager tells us the election had extremely low turnout, just 12 percent, and with margins that thin races can be decided by just a few votes, or on Tuesday by just one vote.

“One of our incumbents won by one vote over the challenger and of course in our election, everyone runs at large so there are 3 seats up and 6 candidates,” said Town Manager Joe Mangini.

Incumbent Frederick Adkins held on to his seat with 57 votes over challenger Dawn Toner with 56 votes. Mangini tells us despite a one-vote margin there will not be a recall, and looks forward to working with the council on securing funding for wastewater treatment facilities and infrastructure spending.

Mangini tells he believes the low turn-out could be attributed to Pittsville residents being satisfied with their local government, he still hopes to boost turnout at the next election in 2023.

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