Newly elected Delmar officials sworn in, growth main focus

DELMAR, Del. – In Delmar, the newly elected mayor and commissioners were sworn in Monday evening.

We caught up with Mayor-Elect Ben Jorden and elected Commissioners Jacob Booth and Cory Shaffer. They tell 47ABC their big push for Delmar is getting the area back to where it used to be.

We’re told growth is the focus with initiatives in the works like tackling recruitment for the police department, insurance for town employees, and construction for many projects in the area that need attention.

The trio says it’s time to now to put their words into action. “Keep accountability across the board. Be transparent with the residents and everybody that’s a part of the town and get the community excited about what’s going on in the town,” said Mayor-Elect Ben Jorden.

“I think the three of us after talking and deciding that we all have great ideas, so let’s do it. Get off the couch and get working,” said Commissioner-elect Jacob Boothe. “We all got to come together and put our plans together. Everybody’s got some ideas that we have to sort through and prioritize and start moving forward,” said Commissioner-Elect Cory Shaffer.

The trio says it was beneficial that they had similar views in terms of what’s best for Delmar. A community center is also on the list of additions the newly elected officials plan to bring to the town.

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