Move the Monumnet coalition seeking donations to fund Talbot Confederate Monument relocation

EASTON, Md. – The Move The Monument Coalition is seeking donations to help fund its moving of the Talbot Boys Statue in Easton to a new site in Virginia.

Coalitions members and county officials believe the total cost of the project to be 82 thousand dollars, with nearly a third of that sum already raised. The funds would go in part to DC-based firm Stratified inc, to transport the statue to the new site located at the Cross Keys Battlefield in Rockingham County, Va.

The remainder of the funds would go towards the renovations of the site at the Cross Keys Battlefield including additional excavations and supports to prevent the statue from damage. Organizers say they got the go-ahead to begin fundraising after the Talbot County Council voted to approve the statues move, and say they wanted to ensure no tax dollars went toward the project.

The reason we did it this way was we didn’t want people saying ‘oh our taxes are higher because you wanted to move this monument or that our taxes should not be spent on this, this way it just takes that discussion off the table,’ said Move the Monument organizer and leadership member Ridgely Ochs. 

Ochs tells us if their funding comes in as fast as they hope, construction and removal of the monument from the courthouse can begin as soon as January. She says the Talbot County Council Decision did leave open the possibility of an alternate site in Maryland with greater or equal accommodations to the Virginia site, but Ochs says it’s unlikely such a site would be found before the move is finalized. 

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