Local mental health expert reacts to defense’s mental health claims in Rittenhouse Trail

SALISBURY, Md. – Mental Health experts are speaking on the language used by the defense in the Kyle Rittenhouse trial, saying that they perpetuate negative stereotypes against those with mental health issues.

The defense characterized one of the victims shot by Rittenhouse as mentally unstable, and as a result violent and a threat to others that justified the use of lethal force by Rittenhouse.

Mental Health Specialist Kathy Seifert tells us, those with mental health issues are actually less likely to be violent compared to the average population, but may now fear that they can be attacked, stigmatized, or blamed for their struggles.

“Lots of people have depression that’s a mental illness, lots of people have anxiety, so this idea that it’s alright to go around shooting those people, this has taken us back a decade,” she said.

She says stigma like that can often prevent people from seeking help when they need it and hopes these arguments will no longer be used.

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