Layton’s Chance Winery holds annual Christmas market


VIENNA, Md. – Layton’s Chance Winery held its annual Christmas market on their grounds Saturday, selling wines at a discount, as well as offering up the space to over 25 vendors selling clothing, jewelry, essential oils, and merchandise.

Layton’s Chance General Manager Jennifer Layton tells us they tried to accommodate as many vendors as possible into the event by having an outdoor tent, as well as the terrace spaces, be available for the businesses to rent.

Layton tells us their wine sales for the market always draw a big crowd, and that they wanted to expand the venue, and to be a destination to shop local while being able to purchase wine to drink on-site and to take home.

“It’s definitely our Black Friday, the biggest weekend by triple compared to any other weekend in a year, we always have vendors that want to be part of it but we only have so much space in the tent or on the porch so we are thrilled that they want to be a part of our event,”  she said.

She tells us last year the market and wine sale brought in over $25,000 during the two-day window and is currently on track to match and even possibly exceed that number.

We’re told by the vineyard that being able to support their community was an important part of opening a small business.

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