Health experts urge taking safety precautions as Thanksgiving holiday approaches

DELMARVA – “Last year we did have dinner but it was kind of off because right after 3 people there developed COVID,” Community Member Jarrell Corbin said.

As we head into another Thanksgiving holiday with the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, health experts want to remind the community members that things aren’t back to normal just yet.

“You can still have your gathering but with a lot of precautions like wearing your masks and trying to stay apart from those who have not been vaccinated,” said TidalHealth Peninsula’s Dr. Sandra Palavecino.

We’re told vaccinations are one thing allowing many to feel safe gathering this year to get back to family traditions.

“Well my partner and I are going back to West Virginia which is where my family lives next Wednesday. We didn’t go last year, so this will be the first time that we’ve actually been back since the pandemic began two years ago,” community member Tj West said.

“We’ll have the normal amount we usually have of about 5 to 10 people and that’s about it. Since everyone in my immediate family is vaccinated or has gotten their booster, it won’t be as big of an issue,” Corbin said.

Health officials say it’s important to remember that not everyone has gotten their shot.

“Even though we’re doing very good in our area, there’s still some communities where the rate of transmission is close to 5-6%. So it’s not insignificant, it’s low but not zero,” Dr. Palavecino said.

Despite this, I’m told many are just looking forward to having some slice of normalcy again and are just ‘thankful’ for that.

“Keep it small and intimate. But certainly if everyone’s been vaccinated and boosted and have taken precautions, I don’t see any reason why people shouldn’t try to have some kind of normal holiday this year,” West said.

Experts also advise that being cautious can also prevent flu transmission, as the season is now upon us. Health officials also advise that if you’re having cold or flu-like symptoms the day of your event, it’s probably a good idea to either stay at home or cancel if you’re hosting.

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