Delmar candidates talk agendas ahead of election

DELMAR, Md. – With the Delmar elections less than a week away,  Incumbent Mayor Karen Wells and Town Council candidate Faith Higbee sat down with 47 ABC to talk about their agendas and goals ahead of Election Day on November 16th.

Mayor Wells tells us she’s pointing to the new union deal for the Delmar Police department as a success for her leadership, touting the new pay bump, and successful use of the collective bargaining agreement. She says she’s also looking to upgrade infrastructure, to account for a growing population. She says those changes require a bump in the tax rate, but she believes its money is well spent.

“I don’t think that we can continue on as we have before, and that’s a big lesson that I’ve learned, we have not had any tax increases and now we are at a place where we need to have better salaries for our officers and sustain them,” she said.

Mayor Wells tells us she is also looking into having developers who come to Delmar be required to pay for any additional infrastructure upgrades their projects would require, rather than having the cost of upgrades fall on the tax base.

“If these developers stand to benefit from those improvements it is something they should be paying, not the tax base because they are the ones that need it,” she said.

Faith Higbee, a former teacher, is running as an independent for the Town Council position. She tells us she is marketing herself as the civility candidate, and that town council meetings have gotten too contentious and heated. She says she wants to work to restore civility and find compromise in the little town too big for one state.

“My number one issue and concern is is the lack of kindness in politics we are very emotionally charged right now and we are making decisions from an emotional perspective and I don’t think we are listening to each other the way we should be,” she said. She says she wants to bring the town together around an agenda that she believes will appeal to all residents, including increasing after-school programming for children, more venues and events in the town, and a new park fit for sports.

“It’s a space that the community could come together and have a place to be outside of a high school on a Friday night, we can bring that community and that safe space back to our town,” she said.

Election Day in Delmar is Tuesday, November 16th for registered voters in Maryland.

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