Delaware veteran small businesses getting recognized for their importance in the community

DELAWARE – Four veteran-owned businesses in Delaware got a warm welcome from Governor John Carney on Tuesday, in recognition of National Veterans Small Business Week.

“They are still here still strong they are still moving and they are very creative and adapting to the changing conditions with COVID,” Governor John Carney said.

“I think small businesses in general don’t get a lot of recognition, but specifically veteran-owned businesses, sometimes later we forget that they are in the community that they are veteran owned and it’s really important that we shop local,” Cindy Collins, Euphoric Herbals Apothecary owner, said.

One of the places on Governor Carney’s list to visit was Euphoric Herbals Apothecary. The owner, Cindy Collins,  served 4 years active duty in the Airforce, that’s why she came to Delaware. And, 3 years ago, Collins opened up her store saying she loves serving people in this way.

“Delaware is a great place to run a business and I think Delaware is really primed for growth for business as well, specifically small business, and they are very receptive to veterans,” Collins said.

Adding, she thinks the world is filled with opportunities for veterans to open businesses, and reach their goals whatever they may be.

“I think veterans need to realize that there is a life outside of their separation or their retirement, that they can do things that they fulfill their dreams, whatever those might be and they be very different from what they did in their active duty,” Collins said.

And, while Collins is leading her veteran-owned business in Milford, you’ll find veteran, Evans Armantrading Jr., who owns CNU Fit, just down the street.
He served 6 years in the Air Force, an experience he said helps to run his business today.

“You learn discipline, which was key in building a business,” Armantrading Jr. said. “And then ya know leadership by the time what’s called Staff Sergeant in the military I had about 20 troops that I had to oversee and lead.”

Armantrading Jr. got a visit from the Governor as well and told us it’s a blessing that leaders have taken a pause to give thanks for the things he’s doing but argues there’s more to it.

“The recognition is cool and we are great fun that people do appreciate the work that we do but the joy is not in the recognition right, the joy is in the work that we actually do,” Armantrading Jr. said.

Governor Carney said he enjoyed meeting with these veteran-owned businesses and getting to hear how the state can continue to support them.

“I think we can help them out, obviously the small business administration says government reaches out to our veteran-owned businesses but as you hear from them you know they have challenges particular over the last 20 months with COVID-19,” Governor Carney said.

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