Delaware General Assembly passes redistricting legislation

DELAWARE – The Delaware General Assembly passed redistricting legislation on Monday, making some changes for the state.

The legislation lays out boundaries for all 62 legislative districts using data from the most recent federal census data. We’re told the lines that were drawn this time around were passed both in the Senate and House.

One of the changes that were made for the first time in Delaware history, incarcerated people are being counted at their last known address, rather than the correctional facility they’re housed. A change that Representative Bryan Shupe thinks is positive.

“You want to make sure that their families are represented by the location of where they live,” Representative Bryan Shupe, said. “What you do in that situation if you count the prison is you will count a total population of literally thousands of people artificially increasing the number of people in that census block and maybe not have the correct representation within that district.”

Representative Shupe said he’s hoping that in the future we cant start to continue to have dialogue on the redistricting process and changes can be made.

Adding, this year a new district was added in Sussex County, making it the 5th district that will be in the beach area.

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