Black Friday outcome mixed, small businesses push keeping dollar local

SALISBURY, Md.- “My expectation was met. Absolutely! We did really well,” Two Scoops Owner Nicole Rodgers said.

Nicole Rodgers, owner of local small business Two Scoops, says they felt the community support over the biggest shopping weekend of the year.

“We definitely had a lot of foot traffic. We have more people downtown. You can tell that people want to be out. Especially with the events downtown being back on track and having 3rd Fridays everything has been much much better,” Rodgers said.

That isn’t the case for all businesses. Nationally, sales for Black Friday dropped 28% compared to 2019,  an impact that hit home for local stores like Benjamin’s Wear It Again.

“We had adequate traffic here in the store but for us, it’s just one day. We want that to be just the first shot. We want to be able to provide holiday shoppers with that in-person store experience throughout the holiday season.”

Although Cyber Monday is in full swing, small business owners say getting out from behind the keyboard and coming in store may be your best bet.

“I think given the supply chain issues, people are going to find that the things that they point and clicked for might not be there and we might just have the right thing they didn’t know they were looking for,” Benjamin said.

Now with many looking to find the perfect Christmas present for their friends and loved ones, I’m told shopping local not only secures making your holiday wish come true but keeps those businesses alive.

“It’s definitely picking up and Christmas sales seem like they’re going to go pretty well,” Rodgers said.

“Even if it’s just giving them a kind word when they come in the door, that can go a long way to making sure people feel loyal and appreciative that our small businesses are still here,” Benjamin said.

Two Scoops tells 47 ABC that although they don’t offer an online option yet, it could be a possibility in the feature. As of now, both businesses use social media as a way to connect with shoppers.

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