Beebe Healthcare invited into U.S. collaborative to improve maternal health

DELAWARE – Beebe Healthcare was invited to be a part of a new nationwide collaborative effort to improve maternal health.

Beebe will be participating in the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services Perinatal Improvement Collaborative. It’s a large-scale, data-driven effort of 200 plus-leading hospitals in all 50 states.

We are told the collaborative will test interventions and protocols to reduce preventable deaths and complications for mothers and their babies, and with a continuing increase in maternal deaths, we are told addressing this issue is crucial.

“So, part of the initiative is to you know, look at standards of care and bundles of care and you know to implement them across these collaborative hospitals and continue to follow our data to track these significant maternal morbidity and mortality indicators to hopefully show we are moving the needle,” Bridget Buckaloo, Executive Director for Women’s and Children’s Services at Beebe Healthcare, said.

The effort will be led by an external advisory panel comprising clinicians and leaders and patient partners

We are told the hospitals will be participating in webinars, and there will be site visits where protocols will be looked at.

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